CSV to Database configuration

Name of table to be created from csv data.
Select a CSV file to be uploaded to a database.
database in which to add above table.
Delimiter used by CSV file (for whitespace use \s+).
If table exists do one of the following: Fail (do nothing), Replace (drop and recreate table) or Append (insert data).
Specify a schema (if database flavour supports this).
Row containing the headers to use as column names (0 is first line of data). Leave empty if there is no header row.
Column to use as the row labels of the dataframe. Leave empty if no index column.
Specify duplicate columns as "X.0, X.1".
Skip spaces after delimiter.
Number of rows to skip at start of file.
Number of rows of file to read.
Skip blank lines rather than interpreting them as NaN values.
Parse date values.
Use Pandas to interpret the datetime format automatically.
Character to interpret as decimal point.
Write dataframe index as a column.
Column label for index column(s). If None is given and Dataframe Index is True, Index Names are used.